[Python-checkins] bpo-33725, multiprocessing doc: rephase warning against fork on macOS (GH-13841)

Miss Islington (bot) webhook-mailer at python.org
Wed Jun 5 16:07:25 EDT 2019

commit: d74438b633184bbd8d775d7118d6f12f6f825a96
branch: 3.8
author: Miss Islington (bot) <31488909+miss-islington at users.noreply.github.com>
committer: GitHub <noreply at github.com>
date: 2019-06-05T13:07:19-07:00

bpo-33725, multiprocessing doc: rephase warning against fork on macOS (GH-13841)

Co-Authored-By: Barry Warsaw <barry at python.org>
(cherry picked from commit 1e77ab0a35cf95318bb4893f7253a30f73201163)

Co-authored-by: Victor Stinner <vstinner at redhat.com>

M Doc/library/multiprocessing.rst

diff --git a/Doc/library/multiprocessing.rst b/Doc/library/multiprocessing.rst
index 6c07124f9790..d8182feab963 100644
--- a/Doc/library/multiprocessing.rst
+++ b/Doc/library/multiprocessing.rst
@@ -126,8 +126,9 @@ to start a process.  These *start methods* are
 .. versionchanged:: 3.8
-   On macOS, *spawn* start method is now the default: *fork* start method is no
-   longer reliable on macOS, see :issue:`33725`.
+   On macOS, the *spawn* start method is now the default.  The *fork* start
+   method should be considered unsafe as it can lead to crashes of the
+   subprocess. See :issue:`33725`.
 .. versionchanged:: 3.4
    *spawn* added on all unix platforms, and *forkserver* added for

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