[Python-checkins] Update What's New in Python 3.8 (GH-14239)

Victor Stinner webhook-mailer at python.org
Wed Jun 19 19:45:04 EDT 2019

commit: af41c567af81de7c4408e2e2617f1d3747408434
branch: master
author: Victor Stinner <vstinner at redhat.com>
committer: GitHub <noreply at github.com>
date: 2019-06-20T01:44:58+02:00

Update What's New in Python 3.8 (GH-14239)

* Mention issue in which ByByteArray_Init() has been removed.
* Fix typo

M Doc/whatsnew/3.8.rst

diff --git a/Doc/whatsnew/3.8.rst b/Doc/whatsnew/3.8.rst
index e4218cacc2b5..ede1ccbeeedb 100644
--- a/Doc/whatsnew/3.8.rst
+++ b/Doc/whatsnew/3.8.rst
@@ -976,7 +976,7 @@ Build and C API Changes
   * ``Include/*.h`` should be the portable public stable C API.
   * ``Include/cpython/*.h`` should be the unstable C API specific to CPython;
-     public API, with some private API prefixed by ``_Py`` or ``_PY``.
+    public API, with some private API prefixed by ``_Py`` or ``_PY``.
   * ``Include/internal/*.h`` is the private internal C API very specific to
     CPython. This API comes with no backward compatibility warranty and should
     not be used outside CPython. It is only exposed for very specific needs
@@ -1001,6 +1001,7 @@ Build and C API Changes
 * The :c:func:`PyByteArray_Init` and :c:func:`PyByteArray_Fini` functions have
   been removed. They did nothing since Python 2.7.4 and Python 3.2.0, were
   excluded from the limited API (stable ABI), and were not documented.
+  (Contributed by Victor Stinner in :issue:`32980`.)
 * The result of :c:func:`PyExceptionClass_Name` is now of type
   ``const char *`` rather of ``char *``.

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