[Python-checkins] [doc] Fix abc.update_abstractmethods markup (GH-23576)

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Tue Dec 1 04:45:15 EST 2020

commit: bc662c0bd7def052e9edbf504bb468860c83f371
branch: master
author: Andre Delfino <adelfino at gmail.com>
committer: miss-islington <31488909+miss-islington at users.noreply.github.com>
date: 2020-12-01T01:45:11-08:00

[doc] Fix abc.update_abstractmethods markup (GH-23576)

Add link to ABCMeta while at it.

M Doc/library/abc.rst

diff --git a/Doc/library/abc.rst b/Doc/library/abc.rst
index 3a7414d7358e7..1a6ed474ff21d 100644
--- a/Doc/library/abc.rst
+++ b/Doc/library/abc.rst
@@ -336,6 +336,7 @@ The :mod:`abc` module also provides the following functions:
    .. versionadded:: 3.4
 .. function:: update_abstractmethods(cls)
    A function to recalculate an abstract class's abstraction status. This
    function should be called if a class's abstract methods have been
    implemented or changed after it was created. Usually, this function should
@@ -343,7 +344,7 @@ The :mod:`abc` module also provides the following functions:
    Returns *cls*, to allow usage as a class decorator.
-   If *cls* is not an instance of ABCMeta, does nothing.
+   If *cls* is not an instance of :class:`ABCMeta`, does nothing.
    .. note::

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