[Python-checkins] bpo-43406: Fix test_signal.test_stress_modifying_handlers() (GH-24815)

miss-islington webhook-mailer at python.org
Wed Mar 10 09:49:36 EST 2021

commit: ac5e23c540f5ec20fc390c72e097e0fdaf8b7ac9
branch: 3.8
author: Miss Islington (bot) <31488909+miss-islington at users.noreply.github.com>
committer: miss-islington <31488909+miss-islington at users.noreply.github.com>
date: 2021-03-10T06:49:27-08:00

bpo-43406: Fix test_signal.test_stress_modifying_handlers() (GH-24815)

Fix a race condition of test_stress_modifying_handlers() of
test_signal: only raise signals while we are in the
catch_unraisable_exception() context manager.
Moreover, don't check if we received at least one
signal if at least one signal got ignored.
(cherry picked from commit 1fa17e8cc62775a2e34b158135ce8589f9394f03)

Co-authored-by: Victor Stinner <vstinner at python.org>

M Lib/test/test_signal.py

diff --git a/Lib/test/test_signal.py b/Lib/test/test_signal.py
index 865e0102637c2..758e292fd5e37 100644
--- a/Lib/test/test_signal.py
+++ b/Lib/test/test_signal.py
@@ -1272,11 +1272,16 @@ def cycle_handlers():
         old_handler = signal.signal(signum, custom_handler)
         self.addCleanup(signal.signal, signum, old_handler)
         t = threading.Thread(target=set_interrupts)
-        t.start()
+            ignored = False
             with support.catch_unraisable_exception() as cm:
+                t.start()
+                do_stop = True
+                t.join()
                 if cm.unraisable is not None:
                     # An unraisable exception may be printed out when
                     # a signal is ignored due to the aforementioned
@@ -1285,8 +1290,13 @@ def cycle_handlers():
                         f"Signal {signum} ignored due to race condition",
-            # Sanity check that some signals were received, but not all
-            self.assertGreater(num_received_signals, 0)
+                    ignored = True
+            # bpo-43406: Even if it is unlikely, it's technically possible that
+            # all signals were ignored because of race conditions.
+            if not ignored:
+                # Sanity check that some signals were received, but not all
+                self.assertGreater(num_received_signals, 0)
             self.assertLess(num_received_signals, num_sent_signals)
             do_stop = True

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