[Python-checkins] bpo-40170: Update What's New in Python 3.9 (GH-29470) (GH-29472)

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Mon Nov 8 12:10:50 EST 2021

commit: 80580f5ab85e3c45c8c5e8999963a891598d10bf
branch: 3.9
author: Miss Islington (bot) <31488909+miss-islington at users.noreply.github.com>
committer: vstinner <vstinner at python.org>
date: 2021-11-08T18:10:41+01:00

bpo-40170: Update What's New in Python 3.9 (GH-29470) (GH-29472)

The PyType_HasFeature() change has been reverted: the static inline
function access directly the PyTypeObject.tp_flags member.
(cherry picked from commit 99c7e9853fa13af414168f179213e3d2fae03a45)

Co-authored-by: Victor Stinner <vstinner at python.org>

M Doc/whatsnew/3.9.rst

diff --git a/Doc/whatsnew/3.9.rst b/Doc/whatsnew/3.9.rst
index c29715d192f95..0662adba7d4af 100644
--- a/Doc/whatsnew/3.9.rst
+++ b/Doc/whatsnew/3.9.rst
@@ -1377,10 +1377,6 @@ Porting to Python 3.9
     becomes an alias to the :c:func:`PyObject_NewVar` macro. They no longer
     access directly the :c:member:`PyTypeObject.tp_basicsize` member.
-  * :c:func:`PyType_HasFeature` now always calls :c:func:`PyType_GetFlags`.
-    Previously, it accessed directly the :c:member:`PyTypeObject.tp_flags`
-    member when the limited C API was not used.
   * :c:func:`PyObject_GET_WEAKREFS_LISTPTR` macro was converted to a function:
     the macro accessed directly the :c:member:`PyTypeObject.tp_weaklistoffset`

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