[Python-checkins] Remove misleading comment in the AST optimizer (#29825)

isidentical webhook-mailer at python.org
Mon Nov 29 03:20:15 EST 2021

commit: 87d5180b7abbb8cf6213361f6bdd57cb605894d2
branch: main
author: Serhiy Storchaka <storchaka at gmail.com>
committer: isidentical <isidentical at gmail.com>
date: 2021-11-29T11:19:59+03:00

Remove misleading comment in the AST optimizer (#29825)

M Python/ast_opt.c

diff --git a/Python/ast_opt.c b/Python/ast_opt.c
index 356f60e2d5399..5f219c6f4bbf7 100644
--- a/Python/ast_opt.c
+++ b/Python/ast_opt.c
@@ -618,7 +618,6 @@ fold_compare(expr_ty node, PyArena *arena, _PyASTOptimizeState *state)
     ops = node->v.Compare.ops;
     args = node->v.Compare.comparators;
-    /* TODO: optimize cases with literal arguments. */
     /* Change literal list or set in 'in' or 'not in' into
        tuple or frozenset respectively. */
     i = asdl_seq_LEN(ops) - 1;

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