[python-committers] I've got a surprise for you!

Jim Walker James.Walker at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 27 05:52:48 CET 2009

Trent Nelson wrote:
>     Sun, Google and Canonical have also expressed a lot of interest in
>     the project -- I stopped asking for hardware a while back though as
>     we've literally run out of space to host it all.
>     The website is live, but the content is a bit sparse at the moment,
>     excluding the poorly worded front page and the reasonably accurate
>     network page:
>         http://www.snakebite.org
>         http://www.snakebite.org/network
>     It'll probably be a few weeks before you can start logging in and
>     doing stuff.  The HPCC/CSE server room at MSU is about to have walls
>     knocked in and ramps built in order to accommodate a giant PDU that
>     has been sitting outside it for about six months; the Snakebite rack
>     is going to get shuffled around a bit so I figure there's not much
>     point going live before that's taken care of.
>     Other than that, I'm just happy to get this off my chest, ten months
>     is a freakin' long time to try and keep something like this a secret
>     ;-)

Great stuff Trent! I was wondering how you were doing.

I really appreciate what it takes to put these open resources
together ;) There's a lot of moving parts :)



We now have zone servers in the OpenSolaris test farm, and
I plan to add guest os servers in the next few weeks using
ldoms (sparc) and xvm (x64). The zone servers provide whole
root zones, which should be a good development environment
for most projects. Check it out:


Let me know if there is interest from the python community to
manage one of the test farm servers for python development.
Besides the general use machines, the php community is already
managing a T2000 server.

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