[python-committers] Python 2.6.3rc1

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Sep 29 18:44:43 CEST 2009

As previously announced, I'm planning on releasing 2.6.3rc1 tonight,  
at about 2230 UTC. Right now we have three release blockers, which I'm  
reviewing now (and Antoine just said on IRC that he's closing one of  
them now).


Please refrain from committing any changes to 2.6.3 from now until the  
release, unless they specifically close one of the blockers, or you  
contact me on #python-dev or by email first.  I'll be imposing a hard- 
freeze on checkins at 2100 UTC today (5pm US/Eastern).

After 2.6.3rc1 is out, please do not commit anything to that branch  
without checking with me first.  I'll only accept brown-bag removing  
patches, and I want to have a stable tree by Thursday so that we can  
get Windows and Mac binaries built for Friday's release.


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