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Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Fri Feb 4 19:41:00 CET 2011

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On 04/02/11 17:31, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> How do you "block"?

What patches in "3.2" you don't want in "3.3"?.

Remember the rule: "Patches in n+1 are a SUPERSET of patches in n". But
a patch in "n+1" can undo a patch in "n", keeping this rule true always.

The usual approach is to do a merge just before the patch you don't
want, and then a "null merge" just after the patch you don't want. "null
merge" = a merge metadata update without actually bringing any new code.

I can't think any reason you want this, beside avoiding the "change 3.2
to 3.2.1 strings" to propagate to trunk.

In this particular situation, the merge would conflict (because
"3.2->3.2.1" conflicts with "3.3", no "3.2" anywhere in trunk). Solving
this conflict is trivial (just drop that change), and now you can retry
merging again, this time successfully.

Ideally, when you push to the repository, you push your patches *AND*
the merges, all in an atomic operation. So you don't move the merge
burden to somebody else. I just wrote about this in a just sent email.

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