[python-committers] [PSF-Members] [Fwd: Re: Push rights for Ross Lagerwall]

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Wed Mar 9 14:07:43 CET 2011

> I'm not sure what you're arguing for. Are you saying the PSF shouldn't 
> bother making sure the copyright to python is unencumbered?

Eric, let me quote myself again:

        Ok, so, since the PSF appears to have a meeting very soon, can I
        that the PSF gets its act together and solves the "electronic
        contributor agreement" issue once and for all?
        The way we core developers are prevented from working properly
        **totally** unacceptable.
        Thank you

I don't care and don't want to argue (I insist about this) about
religions, be it christianism or intellectual property.
If you think a legal rule is needed, please just *ensure it doesn't get
in the way*. That's your job as a self-proclaimed "protector of IP
rights", not mine.

And if you can't pull it off, then admit you failed in your duty and
stop bothering us core developers.

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