[python-committers] Github accounts (was: formalising retirement as a Python committer)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sat Jan 2 08:46:43 EST 2016

On 02.01.2016 13:06, Andrew MacIntyre wrote:
> While the announcement today of the planned move of the Python repository to GitHub has no bearing
> whatsoever on my decision, I would note that GitHub's requirement that a person only have one
> account - to be used for both personal activity and any activity on behalf of an employer - is of
> sufficient concern to me that had I decided to continue as a committer I would be seeking legal
> advice concerning my position. I say this as to date I have been able to satisfy my employer's
> requirements for clear separation of my personal activities, including my participation in Python
> development, from my activities as an employee.  This has been possible by exclusively using only
> provably personal resources, including accounts and internet access, for personal activities.  Such
> clear separation becomes much more difficult when resources such as accounts are shared between
> personal and employee roles, especially when being seen to do the right thing is as important as
> actually doing the right thing.

You are making a good point which I believe we have not yet discussed.

Github requires that "One person or legal entity may not maintain more
than one free account." in A.7. of their ToCs:


So if you are using a free account for company purposes, you'd
have to get a paid account for personal use to e.g. contribute
to Python and clearly separate personal contributions from
ones you make as employee.

By using just one account, such a separation would be difficult
or could cause problems for employees of companies which require
clear separation of activities from personal ones. It would also
create a problem for the PSF, since without a clear separation,
we'd need a contrib form from the employer to be able to legally
accept the contributions in such situations.

Would any of the existing committers run into such a problem ?

I guess the PSF could refund any Github charges incurred to
remedy the situation. Their smallest plan is USD 7 per month
and account, so that would mean costs of USD 84 per year and
committer - this certainly within range of what the PSF can
provide without problem.

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