[python-committers] Making the PSF CoC apply to core developers

Stefan Krah stefan at bytereef.org
Tue Mar 1 04:17:37 EST 2016

M.-A. Lemburg <mal <at> egenix.com> writes:
> > This particular CoC specifically addresses conference misbehavior, which is
> > fine.
> The PSF CoC has a focus on community interaction, not on conferences.
> It's different from eg. the PyCon US conference CoC.

Consider me schooled. :)

> Mix all that with a good dose of Monty Python's don't-take-yourself-
> too-seriously, add some Tim Peters takes-one-to-know-one-ly and
> I believe we can all be on the same page 
> Hmm, perhaps we ought to make reading some Python humor a
> prerequisite for core developers instead...

I would throw in "Life of Brian" (in particular the "we are all individuals"
dialogue) and "Yes Minister" (don't get me started on that one).

Wondering what a Monty Python episode about CoCs would look like ...

Stefan Krah

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