[python-committers] Making the PSF CoC apply to core developers

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Sat Mar 5 03:18:54 EST 2016

In article <20160305043104.60898B1401C at webabinitio.net>,
 "R. David Murray" <rdmurray at bitdance.com> wrote:
> Remember how new committers happen: current committers notice their
> contributions on the tracker, suggest they be given the commit bit and
> offer to mentor them, and we take a poll.  The critical bits here are
> (1) noticing and (2) being willing to mentor.  So, if we want more
> committers, current ones need to put forth the effort to monitor active
> bugs, evaluate prospects, and recommend and mentor them.  And hopefully
> do some mentoring via the bug tracker to get more people commit-bit ready.
> This is a catch 22: we need more active committers in order to get
> more active committers.  But we know that; that question is what to do
> about it.
> I the past few years I've monitored the bug tracker fairly closely, and
> watched for good prospects, and recommended or inspired the recommendation
> of several.  Right now I don't have the time to monitor the bug tracker
> the way I had been and watch people the way I had been, so I won't be
> in a position to recommend anyone for the next while....

I don't think any of us truly understand how much time you have put into 
this kind of behind-the-scenes activity over the years nor fully 
appreciate how important that has been to the on-going success of 
python-dev.  Thanks, David.

> PS: Actually, let me throw out that the people that had been at the
> top of my list before I stopped were eryksun, paul.j3 (for argparse),
> and davin (for multiprocessing).

I agree with your recommendations for all three.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at python.org

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