[python-committers] CFFI is slow

Stefan Krah stefan at bytereef.org
Sat Mar 5 04:50:04 EST 2016

Larry Hastings <larry <at> hastings.org> writes:
>       2. How important is this speed difference?  I suppose the answer,
>       as always, is "it depends".  It depends on how often you call the
>       C library, and how long you spend in the routine when you get
>       there.  Certainly a benchmark for library X is a worst-case
>       scenario; in real-world code, for most libraries, perhaps the
>       performance of the glue code isn't crucial.

Several of the early adopters of library X were the sqlalchemy people,
who absolutely had real-world issues.

>       Of course this is all academic.  I absolutely don't think we can
>       get rid of the C API, or even modify it in any meaningful way that
>       would let us abstract away implementation details like reference
>       counting.  As I said in my original email, this magic wand simply
>       doesn't exist./arry

Sorry for misquoting, indeed you said that. I was a little concerned that
CFFI was mentioned by several people as a solution and wanted to highlight
the drawbacks.

Stefan Krah

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