[python-committers] Promote Xiang Zhang as a core developer

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 07:09:35 EST 2016


Last months, I noticed that Xiang Zhang is very active on the bug
tracker and propose many enhancements and bug fixes. He contributes to
Python code, but also to the C code (a rare skill nowadays). Slowly,
he understood how to produce "good" patches, the CPython workflow,
etc. I think that his contributions are now good enough to give him
the commit bit.

As I did previously (for Xavier), I also propose to be his mentor the
first month: request him to ask me before pushing anything, help him
with Mercurial, branches, etc. So I can help to avoid simple mistakes
and to not break the buildbot too often :-)

Maybe Serhiy Storchaka and/or Yury Selivanov may want to co-mentor
Xiang? Serhiy reviewed many of Xiang's patches recently.


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