[python-committers] Requirements to get the "bug triage" permission?

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 17:06:50 EST 2017

2017-12-06 18:41 GMT+01:00 R. David Murray <rdmurray at bitdance.com>:
> s/loose/lose/

Oops, fixed, thanks.

>> So do you think that it's bad idea to use triage as an award? Or is it
>> just a matter of adjusting requirements?
> Yes I think it is a bad idea to "use it" as an award.  It is not an
> award, it is a functional set of privileges.  It *can be* part of the
> on-boarding process for a contributor who eventually becomes a core dev,
> though, and in that path it functions as an award of sorts.

My initial problem is the huge gap between "regular contributor" and
"core developer". Currently, we have a single huge step which is very
hard to climb.

I'm trying to create new smaller steps and describe each step. The
goal is to have a clear path with requirements for each step.

Before becoming a core developer, I see bug triage as a first step.

I already proposed on this step to add a second step before core
developer: getting a mentor.

Newcomer => contributor => bug triage => getting a mentor => core developer

It would help to have sub-steps, but it can be adjusted later ;-)

>> I have a few people in mind that I would like to give them triage
>> permission, but I don't know that they contributed much to the bug
>> tracker. I don't expect them to be active on the bug tracker neither.
> It they are not going to be active on the bug tracker, why do you want
> to give them triage permissions?  If they haven't been active at least
> a little bit on the bug tracker, how do you know they are good candidate
> to be a triager?
> What do they need the privileges for?  I'm not necessarily saying they
> shouldn't get them, I want to explore the why in order to inform this
> discussion.  But, if you just want to give it to them as an award and
> for no other reason, I'd vote no.  If you want a badge to give them,
> maybe we make up a badge ;)

It's not because you give the commit bit contributors that they will
become very active. My expectation is more than giving more priviledge
would motive them to become move active.

A contributor without the triage priviledge cannot triage bugs...

I'm not sure that "an award" is the best word sorry. Mariatta already
corrected me when I wrote that becoming a core developer gives more
power, she replied that it gives more *responsabilities*. It's the
same here :-)

By the way, my final goal is to get more people aboard to better scale
horizontal for the Python workflow ;-) I suck at many things in
Python, and I'm very happy to see new "faces" helping on areas where
I'm unable to help. For example, Cheryl Sabella is working on the IDLE
application, whereas I don't know much about Tkinter nor IDLE. But
IDLE is a popular application since it's installed with Python, and
used by teachers. He also likes when other people help on the
documentation since it's a big task and we never have enough hands to
work on the doc!

Does it make any sense to you? :-)


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