[python-committers] RFC: Process to become a core developer

Antoine Pitrou antoine at python.org
Thu Dec 7 13:21:02 EST 2017

Le 07/12/2017 à 19:01, Victor Stinner a écrit :
> IMHO the current blocker issue is that it is too hard to become a core
> developer.

I don't think so.  It should not be harder than it was in 2010, yet we
are promoting way less core developers than we did.  See previous

> A promotion is decided with a vote. If a
> voter doesn't know the contributor, it can be very stressful to take a
> decision.

If someone doesn't know the contributor, they can simply say so and
abstain from voting.  It's what we usually do already: there are 150+
core developers and only a few of them vote when a new core developer is
proposed.  So this is not a problem in practice.

> == Step 2: Bug Triage Permission ==
> Once a contributor becomes active enough, a core developer can propose
> to give the bug triage permission to the contributor.

It sounds like you are not taking into account what was said by various
people during the previous discussion.

> == Step 3: Getting a mentor ==
> Python project is big and has a long history. Contributors need a
> referrer to guide them in this wild and dangerous (!) project, and in
> the development workflow.

Perhaps you are overdoing this? :-)

> Required mentor skills:
> * Be a core contributor.
> * Be available at least during one whole month.
> * Follow the contributor: must get an update at least once a week,
> especially if the contributor doesn't show up.

I'm afraid these requirements may make the process actually harder than
it currently is.  What if there is no potential mentor available?  This
reminds of the Google Summer of Code...



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