[python-committers] Promote Julien Palard as core developer

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 10:32:17 EST 2017

Wow, I didn't expect such warmly welcome for Julien Palard!

I counted 6 positive votes (Nick, Zachary, Ethan, Mariatta, Ned,
Carol), in addition to my implicit positive vote.

I declare the vote done and wish welcome to our new core developer,
Julien Palard!  ✨ 🍰  🎉 ✨

I will now follow
https://devguide.python.org/coredev/#gaining-commit-privileges process
for the practical part.


2017-12-07 1:48 GMT+01:00 Victor Stinner <victor.stinner at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I propose to promote Julien Palard as a core developer.
> Julien Palard is leading the french translation of the Python
> documentation since 2 or 3 years. He spent a lot of time to try to get
> this translation online. Since he was unlucky on the python-ideas
> mailing list, I convinced him to write down a PEP. He wrote it with
> Naoki INADA (who is translated the documentation to Japanese) and me.
> It wasn't easy to write the PEP and get it approved: it took almost 1
> year and a half! The PEP 545 was approved and implemented in Python
> 3.7!
>    https://www.python.org/dev/peps/pep-0545/
> Thanks to Julien (and others), translated documentations are now online at:
>   https://docs.python.org/fr/ -- French
>   https://docs.python.org/ja/ -- Japanese
> See also the What's New in Python 3.7 entry:
> https://docs.python.org/dev/whatsnew/3.7.html#documentation
> Julien spent a lot of time to fix a lot of various issues in the
> documentation, the docsbuild-scripts project used to build the CPython
> documentation, Sphinx, etc. to be able to translate properly the
> documentation.
> For me, the documentation and the docsbuild-scripts project are
> tightly coupled to the CPython project. Last june, I even asked to
> give the commit bit to Julien on the
> https://github.com/python/docsbuild-scripts/ project on this list,
> since I expected that this project was part of CPython (it isn't, it's
> another "team" on GitHub, if I understood correctly) :-) In the
> meanwhile, Julien became a "core developer" on this project as well.
> He also worked closely with the Python infra team to fix a few bugs
> when the translated documentation was published at python.org.
> To come back to CPython itself, Julien Palard already got 18 commits
> merged into the master branch since January 2016: 11 before GitHub
> ("patch by Julien Palard") + 7 since CPython migrated to GitHub
> ("Julien Palard" author). Most of his commits are related to the
> Python documentation content and tooling to build the documentation.
> He fixed "bugs" in the documentation, to clarify some documentation.
> Giving him the commit bit would ease his work, since too few people
> are looking at these areas of the code. When I reviewed his patches,
> they are usually good after one or two iterations, and Julien welcomes
> criticism.
> I know that Julien doesn't have the typical profile of core
> developers, only or mostly contribute to the code: Julien is currently
> focused on the doculmentation. But I believe (because he told me so
> ;-)) that Julien will slowly contribute to other areas of the code,
> once he will feel more confortable, and I may guide him in the code if
> needed. I think that many of us started to contribute to a project on
> its documentation ;-)
> I don't think that he needs an official menthor since he already knows
> well the CPython workflow, and he knows how to ask questions if needed
> ;-)
> Promoting Julien is part of my global idea/project of trying to
> recognize more contributions which are not strictly code, but as
> useful or even more useful than code! Python documentation is part of
> Python's success. I was told many times that Python has a good
> documentation, it's nice to hear that ! IMHO reducing CPython to its C
> and Python code is wrong and nor fair, CPython made of much more
> "sub-projects".
> Victor

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