[python-committers] [RELEASE] Python 3.6.2rc2 is now available for testing

Ned Deily nad at python.org
Sat Jul 8 01:22:32 EDT 2017

On behalf of the Python development community and the Python 3.6
release team, I would like to announce the availability of Python
3.6.2rc2. 3.6.2rc2 is the second release candidate for Python 3.6.2,
the next maintenance release of Python 3.6. 3.6.2rc2 includes fixes for
three security-related issues resolved since the previous release
candidate; see the change log (link below). While 3.6.2rc2 is a preview
release and, thus, not intended for production environments, we
encourage you to explore it and provide feedback via the Python bug
tracker (https://bugs.python.org).

Please see "What’s New In Python 3.6" for more information:


You can find Python 3.6.2rc2 here:


and its change log here:


3.6.2 is now planned for final release on 2017-07-17 with the next
maintenance release expected to follow in about 3 months. More
information about the 3.6 release schedule can be found here:


  Ned Deily
  nad at python.org -- []

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