[python-committers] Should I make a 3.4.7rc1 next weekend?

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Wed Jul 12 09:09:50 EDT 2017

I'm scheduled to tag and release 3.5.4rc1 next weekend.  I've been 
releasing 3.4 and 3.5 at the same time for the last year; this is 
convenient for me as it halves the frequency with which I have to put on 
the "release manager" hat.

There are currently no scheduled dates to release 3.4.7.  The reason 
being that until very recently there was almost no work done in 3.4 
since 3.4.6 was tagged.  But!  The reason for /that/ was because of a 
change in the workflow: once we switched to Github, for branches that 
are in security-fixes-only mode, only the Release Manager is allowed to 
accept PRs into that branch.  It turned out there were a bunch of PRs 
waiting for my approval.

After a flurry of accepted PRs, I have now accrued about ten fresh 
security fixes in the 3.4 branch.  (Mostly from Victor, but also Serhiy, 
and one from Barry--thanks everyone!)  There are now no outstanding 
security fix PRs against 3.4.

Since I'm releasing 3.5.4rc1 next weekend, I wouldn't mind /also/ 
releasing 3.47rc1 next weekend.  That would put 3.4.7 final the same day 
as 3.5.4 final: just over three weeks from now, releasing on Sunday 
August 5.  I realize it's not much notice, and that's normally not how 
we do things in the CPython world.  (Sorry for the short notice--it's my 
fault for not adjusting to the new workflow quickly enough.)

Anyway the point of this email is to call for a vote.  Which of these 
statements do you agree with:

  * Larry should tag and release 3.4.7rc1 next weekend.
  * Larry should schedule 3.4.7rc1 for a month from now, to give people
    time to get their work in.

In particular, Victor and Serhiy, I'm interested in your votes.  You 
both get veto powers for the short notice--if either of you say "do it a 
month from now" then it'll be a month from now.

Also, if anybody has security fixes you want to get in to the next 
release of 3.4, but you haven't made a PR yet, please reply and describe 
them.  (Please reply to list if appropriate, but if it should be kept 
quiet please reply to me directly.)

Braising in my own juices at EuroPython,

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