[python-committers] "trivial" label replaced with "skip issue"

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Fri Jul 14 14:33:23 EDT 2017

In preparation of fully moving over to blurb and per-file news entries (I
don't have an ETA from Larry on when he plans to do explode Misc/NEWS into
individual files), the "trivial" label has been replaced with a "skip
issue" label to signal that the issue number check should be skipped. The
plan is that when we start having a status check for news entries there
will be a "skip news" label to skip that status check. Dropping the
all-inclusive "trivial" label helps keep us honest and only skip checks
that are truly appropriate for a PR since these are skipping
information-tracking things.

I've also gone ahead and make the issue number check required on all
branches since I think Bedevere has proven itself to be reliable enough to
be a blocker and since we have the "skip" labels as an escape hatch.
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