[python-committers] Python 3.5.4rc1 and 3.4.7rc1 slipping by a day, to July 24 2017

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Mon Jul 24 03:00:07 EDT 2017

Release engineering for 3.5.4rc1 and 3.4.7rc1 took a lot longer than 
expected, because this is the first release using "blurb", and it turned 
out there was a lot of work left to do and a couple dark corners yet to 
stumble over.  3.5.4rc1 and 3.4.7rc1 will be released Monday, July 24, 
2017.  The release dates for 3.5.4 final and 3.4.7 final are not 
expected to change.

Sorry about that,

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