[python-committers] New workflow - some questions

Mariatta Wijaya mariatta.wijaya at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 18:30:56 EDT 2017

> 1. Section 32.2 in the Git bootcamp section - is there any reason to
> use git at github URLs for the clones? I normally always use
> https://github.com URLs, as they work with my proxy at work.

I don't have any explanation other than Git bootcamp was initially written
based on my personal setup.
I cloned CPython using SSH, and that's what I wrote in the devguide :)
You can use HTTPS if that works for you.
Perhaps someone else can explain better the difference between cloning via

I generally use "Compare and create pull request"
> from my clone's github page, as that seems simpler.

Note that the link is only visible within 30 minutes (or so) after you
pushed your branch to remote.
If you did not create the PR immediately after pushing, the link
disappears. In this case, the instructions in 32.10 will help (maybe?).
Can we assume that people will create their PR immediately?
Maybe an improvement is to mention the "Compare and create pull request",
and to do this immediately after pushing the branch.

side-topic: Does anyone have some sort of script/git
alias/program/whatchamacallit that will open the PR page once we push to
remote? (similar to what cherry_picker does)  That could be a time saver :)

3. The new blurb tool - I presume I'll need to set that up
> somewhere/somehow, and use it to create a news entry. But I can't find
> any docs on it at all :-(

pip install blurb

Some write-up here: https://devguide.python.org/committing/#what-s-new-
blurb readme: https://github.com/python/core-workflow/blob/

Mariatta Wijaya
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