[python-committers] Identify roles of the BDFL

Antoine Pitrou antoine at python.org
Fri Jul 13 13:57:43 EDT 2018

Le 13/07/2018 à 18:36, Victor Stinner a écrit :
> Let me elaborate this part. One quality of the BDFL (Guido) is to take
> unpopular decision when he knows that it is the right choice.
> Some examples:
> * PEP 572: assignment expressions.
> * The PEP 446 "Make newly created file descriptors non-inheritable"
> was supposed to break the world... Well, it occurred and almost nobody
> noticed this Python 3.4 change... I like what Guido wrote on my PEP
> with humor: "We are aware of the code breakage this is likely to
> cause, and doing it anyway for the good of mankind." :-)
> * Yury mentioned async/await keywords.
> * Add your own example.
> Well, maybe this "responsibility" goes against my idea of voting on
> PEPs :-) ("popularity contest")

Of the three you mention, only PEP 572 would have been controversial
enough to fail a vote, IMO.



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