[python-committers] Transfer of power

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jul 13 18:30:40 EDT 2018

On Jul 13, 2018, at 15:11, Jack Jansen <jack.jansen at cwi.nl> wrote:
> How about a triumvirate (or trium*ate if “vir” is seen as too male-centric, and actually the “3” isn’t important either) where unanimity is required for language changes (i.e. basically for accepting a PEP)?

Possibly, but even if unanimity can’t be achieved, I feel strongly that any decision coming from the GUIDO/Cabal/Council should be give as a single party.  E.g. if Alice and Bob +1 PEP 801 and Carol -1’s it, I don’t think any purpose is served by breaking that out into individual votes.  I would hope that the council members support each other and the body’s decision even if it doesn’t go an individual’s way.


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