[python-committers] Identify roles of the BDFL

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jul 13 20:25:28 EDT 2018

On Jul 13, 2018, at 17:11, Carol Willing <willingc at gmail.com> wrote:

> If I look at the many important roles that Guido has played, I personally believe that he has been someone who encouraged many women (and I'm sure others as well) and most importantly provided a safe place to share ideas. If we reflect on Mariatta's PyCon talk and Summit talk, it's clear that we should not overlook this role as growth and improvements still need to happen here.

Maybe we refactor this particular role of the BDFL?  It may be that given Guido’s passion for this topic, he would still want to be active.  If so, he would certainly still have the stature, respect, and voice to continue to promote this within the community.  Of course, we don’t know whether that’ll be the case or not.

It’s a good question though: should the Council primarily concern itself with technical details of language evolution, or take on more of the other roles that Guido traditional performed?  Or do you see more of an overlap there (other than through the person embodying that role)?


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