[python-committers] Transfer of power

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 21:54:24 EDT 2018

[Larry Hastings]

>    - However, once appointed, Elders are appointed is "for life".  The
>    only way to remove one would be for them to voluntarily step down--there
>    would be no mechanism to remove one from office.  (Perhaps this is too
>    strong--perhaps one could be removed by a unanimous vote from all other
>    Elders?)  I want the Council to be immune to popular opinion, to be
>    empowered to do what they think is right without fear of anything beyond
>    negative public opinion.
> At the time the US"s founders drafted the Constitution, mean US life
expectancy was about 35 years   A Federal judge only had to maintain "good
behavior" to keep their job, but I imagine they expected most judges would
die within a decade or two regardless.

I really don't think they'd be happy with how the Supreme Court turned out
- political ideologues wielding near-absolute power for decades on end.

So:  term limits!  Say, 12 years.  If there are 3 Elders, replace one every
12/3 = 4 years.  At the start we can use the `secrets` module to pick which
Elders get the first 4, 8, and 12-year terms ;-)

Fresh blood is a good thing in all areas.

>    - I'm not sure how we'd replace Elders.  Maybe they'd hold an
>    internal-only election?  ("Jo has decided to step down, and we have elected
>    Sam as Jo's replacement.")
> Obviously, an Elder would be nominated by the President and confirmed with
the advice and consent of the Senate ;-)

Or, short of that, by an approval vote of the Fellows (whatever it is we
call for-real PSF members these days).

And I'd propose to let the Fellows remove an Elder by a 2/3rd supermajority
vote (akin to the bar for impeachment of a US President).
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