[python-committers] Transfer of power

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 01:18:11 EDT 2018

[Nathaniel Smith]

> ...
> Well, sure, we can try to come up with something to slot into the
> space Guido is leaving, while keeping everything else the same, that's
> one option.

There are already differences between "a Guido" and what Larry suggested.

> But I doubt it's the best one.

Then please suggest something specific you think is better.

> Guido is, quite literally, irreplaceable.

Yet the roles he played are not self-evidently dispensable either.

> > The US Supreme Court is the closest thing to a dictatorial institution
> the
> > US has (lifetime appointments, answerable to nobody, and against which
> there
> > is no appeal), so it's a natural model to consider when replacing a
> > dictator.
> Yeah, I get why it comes to mind for USians here, but there are also,
> like... lots of actual open-source projects that have transitioned
> from a BDFL model to something else, and they're probably even more
> natural models ;-).

Then spell out what they did and how that worked for them?  I'm not
familiar with any such.  The closest match to Python's development process
I know of was Perl's, but Larry Wall is still (AFAIK) dictator-for-life in
Perl world.

On the face of it, sure, I'd rather look at a successful transition in an
open source software project than at the centuries-old experiment that
brought us American politics ;-)
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