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On Sat, 14 Jul 2018 at 00:16 Łukasz Langa <lukasz at langa.pl> wrote:

> > On Jul 13, 2018, at 7:54 PM, Tim Peters <tim.peters at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > If there are 3 Elders [snip]
> It looks like the number 3 is popular in this context. What makes it so
> attractive?

I think because it's small enough to be manageable and have consistency in
outcomes (which is what I would want if these folks are the design
stewards). IOW it prevents design-by-committee scenarios.

> I see a bunch of problems with such a low number, like the ability for a
> single corporation to take over the design process of Python by employing
> just two of the three members (consistently voting over the third one). 3
> also has high likelihood of ties if one of the members abstains. And so on.
I'm personally not worried about the single corporation issue as we've
basically had that under Guido since the beginning. :) I would also hope
that anyone who ends up in this position is trusted enough to put Python
above any potential pressure from their employer.

While I prefer 3, I can see 5 working. Basically I think the number should
be small enough that you can have a casual conversation with everyone
involved and not feel like it's a committee meeting.

> Taking a step back, before we talk names, term limits and even numbers of
> council members, Python needs a "constitution" which will codify what the
> council is and how it functions. Barry calls it PEP 2 but I'd like to
> understand who is supposed to author it and who is supposed to accept it.

> Any committer is in a position to suggest parts of or the entirety of such
> a document. Otherwise we create a fractal problem of who and how decides on
> who shouId be writing it. Ultimately we are volunteers, the ones who step
> up and do the work.

> Ideally Guido would accept the PEP but I'm not sure if he is willing to.
> If that is indeed the case then how should this be done so that the
> document is universally accepted by all committers?

In my ideal scenario, people write up PEPs proposing a governance model and
Guido chooses one, making it PEP 2.
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