[python-committers] Summarizing our discussion about Governance

Carol Willing willingc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 20:23:38 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

There have been lots of good comments the past few days. 

For those who are interested, I've compiled a Markdown document that pulls out and summarizes many comments. The  document builds around the questions/issues that Guido posed in his message.

We've been using Hackmd for collaborative writing for Project Jupyter for a while. It's similar to etherpad but with some additional versioning - if you have a GitHub account you can authenticate to make edits. 

This is a working document so please feel free to make edits. If you are adding content, please keep it brief and try to avoid personal names or attributions to yourself or others. As this is a gathering of information, the source of the information is less important than the information itself.

https://hackmd.io/s/BJPaxUFX7 <https://hackmd.io/s/BJPaxUFX7>

To view: https://hackmd.io/wbBNRoOkS8ahyWA7ZwlZbg?view <https://hackmd.io/wbBNRoOkS8ahyWA7ZwlZbg?view>

To edit: https://hackmd.io/wbBNRoOkS8ahyWA7ZwlZbg?edit <https://hackmd.io/wbBNRoOkS8ahyWA7ZwlZbg?edit>

Note: I got about 80% through the messages on python-committers, but need to travel now. Will add the rest tomorrow or others please feel free to do so (I left off with Barry's July 12 14:53:18 message.


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