[python-committers] Transfer of power

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 14:05:08 EDT 2018


> > But I'm not sure it's fully appreciated just how active Guido has been
> > in those at times.  The "accepted/rejected" at the end of major PEPs is
> > just a small part of that.  Along the way, e.g., it's been pretty common
> > to see a "Save your breath.  That's not going to happen." from Guido to
> > end a distracting alternative (sub)proposal persistently promoted by one
> > (or a few) very active and/or loquacious posters.


> I think that only happens on python-ideas.  We've long had a problem
> with that mailing-list (but at least it allows to avoid such discussions
> on python-dev).

I'm unclear on whether you view that as opposing or confirming my point
;-)  I view it as confirming:  yes, the BDFL has played this role mostly on
python-ideas, where the dirty work of developing general PEPs is intended
to take place, while they're still at best half-baked.  If someone only
follows python-dev, they're unaware of most of these BDFL pronouncements.

The latter may think "oh, big deal - a PEP is posted to python-dev, and
then Guido has weeks to make up his mind about whether to accept or reject
it".  They're only seeing the end of a sometimes very messy process.  Most
things on python-ideas never make it to python-dev at all.

PEP 572 was (IMO, and Guido's, and a whole bunch of others) posted to
python-dev prematurely, so anyone who doesn't follow python-ideas should
know that the firestorm on python-dev was just a hint of what python-ideas
can be like routinely ;-)
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