[python-committers] An alternative governance model

Ethan Furman ethan at stoneleaf.us
Wed Jul 18 11:58:54 EDT 2018

On 07/18/2018 03:04 AM, Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Hi Ethan,
> Le 18/07/2018 à 11:49, Ethan Furman a écrit :
>>> You're creating a huge problem here.  Whatever dictator you come up
>>> with, not everyone will be ok with that choice.  What are they supposed
>>> to do?  If one doesn't think X is legitimate as a dictator, how does one
>>> keep contributing to the project?  In other words, you are threatening
>>> to exclude people, perhaps seasoned contributors.
>> I find this an empty argument.  What were they supposed to do when PEPs they wanted were rejected, and PEPs they thought
>> foolish accepted?
> I'm not sure what you mean?  I may disagree with my governement's
> decisions without wanting to overthrow the whole regime (or, conversely,
> I may agree with some of a despot's decisions without finding him
> legitimate to make those decisions).  Disagreeing with a PEP has nothing
> to do with this discussion, has it?

If we, by majority vote, pick a governance model (dictator, council, or whatever), then that legitimizes it.  If we, by 
majority vote, pick the new BDFL, then that legitimizes it.  Being unhappy with the choice does not make the choice 

>> If we go with a committee are we threatening to exclude those who
>> think design-by-committee is not a legitamate method, or don't think
 >> it's members are legitimate choices?
> If we're talking about a dictator (this is Barry's proposal), we're not
> talking about someone that just makes language design decisions,

I was asking about how objecting to the currently chosen dictator would be any different from objecting to the currently 
chosen council members.

> as Victor pointed out.

Where did he point this out?  I don't see an email, although I might just be missing it.


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