[python-committers] An alternative governance model

Tim Peters tim.peters at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 12:55:41 EDT 2018

[Antoine Pitrou]

> At this point we are not talking about a majority vote.  All I see is a
> rushed plebiscite on a single governance model and a single person.

I view this as the "freewheeling brainstorming" initial part of the
process.  We've barely even mentioned who the plebes may be - is it just
committers who have a say?  If so, is that by definition precisely the
members of this mailing list, or some broader or narrower definition?  Or
also some subset of the 5 classes of PSF membership?  Etc.  And regardless
of how someone wants to answer that, who decides on who gets to "vote" to
begin with?  Under what authority?

IOW, we're several universes away from reaching a credible resolution.

In the meantime, a "+1" or "-1" from me really just means "let's keep this
idea on the table" or "let's drop this one", respectively.  Which carries
no actual weight at all.

It's valuable to push back against ideas you don't like, and I'm glad you
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