[python-committers] And Now for Something Completely Different

Antoine Pitrou antoine at python.org
Fri Jul 20 03:49:01 EDT 2018

Le 20/07/2018 à 02:51, Ethan Furman a écrit :
> My first issue with this model is, as discussed above, a lack of a consistent vision.  A BDFL is not just there to say, 
> "this PEP is accepted," but also to say, "change this one piece here, remove that piece there, add this" -- definitely 
> not something easily done by 100+ voters.
> My second issue is qualifications:  there are plenty of PEPs that I either have no interest in or whose field I have no 
> experience with, and my voting on those PEPs would be nonsensical; when that happens to a BDFL s/he appoints a BDFOP.
> My third issue is, quite simply, time.  Working on patches takes time; reviewing PRs takes time; and being a good voting 
> citizen takes lots and lots of time -- and we're all volunteers.  Time is at a premium.

This is true.  But it's a problem for the BDFL even more.  Our ex-BDFL
resigned because of pressure and exhaustion.  Why would another BDFL
fare better?

Victor pointed out something I didn't know: that several prominent core
devs (him, Brett Cannon) recently suffered from

I find the PEP-delegate to be a powerful concept.  Why wouldn't *every*
PEP have a PEP-delegate?  This way we don't need a BDFL anymore.  We can
discuss how to nominate PEP-delegates (Nick had an interesting proposal).



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