[python-committers] An alternative governance model

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Fri Jul 20 14:25:30 EDT 2018

On 20Jul2018 0858, Brett Cannon wrote:
> While I'm purposefully staying out of this thread as my name is 
> currently so strongly associated with it and I don't want people 
> thinking I'm a megalomaniac, I will say that I see no reason why I 
> wouldn't get 50% time at Microsoft if I asked for it (I already get a 
> day/week plus email reading every day).

I agree that this would likely happen. (Also that he's not a megalomaniac.)

I've been talking with our senior management about all this a bit over 
the last week, and the general mood is concern for Python's future if we 
spend an extended time without leadership. Microsoft's future these days 
certainly includes the Python ecosystem, and providing time for an 
employee to contribute freely in such a leadership role should be very 
easy to arrange.

And since most people are probably not aware of the "day job" breakdown 
we have, Brett does not spend his time working on Microsoft's policy 
directions on Python - that is largely me and some people who are not 
really known outside the company - so I wouldn't be concerned about 
Python being "forced into alignment" with anything except Visual Studio 
Code ;)

> I also agreed to Barry's proposal under the expectation that I would 
> still take a month off every year and one day a week like I do already. 
> That plus a council of folks to help with the load makes me think I can 
> handle the workload without having to sacrifice more personal time than 
> I'm already comfortable doing now. I also think that we as a team and a 
> community are a bit more aware of the issue of burnout thanks to Guido's 
> retirement.
> Plus Andrea said it was okay 😉 (The cat was indifferent.)

"Approval of his/her household" is actually a really good criteria for 
taking on this kind of role :)


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