[python-committers] Comments on moving issues to GitHub

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Sat Jun 2 18:19:06 EDT 2018

Reading the comments in the thread and having used Github issues
myself for a few years now, I find the idea of moving from a
dedicated issue tracker we can easily customize to our needs
(or hire someone to do so via the PSF) to a simplistic tracker
add-on, which Github issues is, not a very promising approach.

Github issues are fine for simple projects, but I wouldn't even
want to use it for more than a hundred issues on Github.

As with many such proposals, if an existing system is seen to
be lacking in certain ways, the first thing people suggest is to
ditch it and move to this other new shiny thing or even
worse, suggest to build a new one.

I've rarely seen this work. Most of the time you end up having
a system with just different issues which leaves you with a
situation that's not better than before.

The time invested in migration and making sure that at least
part of the legacy will forward to the new solution is often
better invested in addressing the issues with the older system.

Yes, that's not as interesting and exciting as building something
new, but in the light of productivity and getting a working
solution, it's very often the better approach.

So if there is a real need to fix issues with bpo, then I'd
suggest to write up a proposal to get them fixed and find
a group of developers to work on these. Have the PSF provide
a grant to make it worthwhile and manage this project instead
of spending time with migrations.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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