[python-committers] Missing In Action

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Fri Jun 15 19:59:06 EDT 2018


Last months, we debated about the number of *active* core developers.

The problem is that there are 3 lists and each has different numbers
of core developers: 90 according to GitHub, 170 according to

* https://github.com/orgs/python/teams/python-core/members
* https://bugs.python.org/user?iscommitter=1&@action=search&@sort=username&@pagesize=300
* https://devguide.python.org/developers/

I propose to move inactive core developers to a new list (ex:
"Inactive Core Developers") and remove their permission for security
reasons. If the core developer shows up, they will just have to ask a
GitHub administrator (like Brett Cannon) to be added again.

My intent is to enhance security and better track of the current
number of active core developers.

In practice, it should only mean removing these inactive developers
from the list of core developers on bugs.python.org. To make sure that
a developer can become again a core developer, we should track that we
dropped their priviledge. We can add new section in the devguide,

There are already two lists of inactive core developers in the
devguide: "Permissions Dropped on Request" and "Permissions Dropped
after Loss of Contact".

I propose to start by removing all core developers who didn't migrate
to GitHub yet, since it's a simple way to check if they are active
since February 2017.

I can work on a concrete list of developers, but it seems like it will
take me some time. Some developers are cores according to
bugs.python.org but I cannot find them in the devguide list. Some
developers are no longer core devs according to devguide, but still
core in bugs.python.org. There are some inconsistencies.


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