[python-committers] Results of Pablo's promotion votes: Pablo is promoted as a core dev!

Victor Stinner vstinner at redhat.com
Tue Jun 19 13:43:13 EDT 2018


The result of the vote to to promote Pablo Salingo Salgado as core developer
after one week is positive: I declare that Pablo is now a core developer,
congrats! I will follow the usual process to actually make him a core dev,
and ask him to write a short introduction email to this list.

But I also noted that Pablo lacks experience to be fully autonomous on merging
pull requests, so I also requires that Pablo will have to be strictly mentored
by me for 3 months. By strict, I mean that Pablo will have to ask me to
merge any pull request. This strict mentoring may be extended depending on
Pablo's progress. As Eric Snow wrote, I vouch for Pablo: don't hesitate to
blame me directly if anything goes wrong :-)

Giving more responsibilities to Pablo is part of the learning process.
Reviewing as a core developer is different than a review as a contributor: core
developers are expected to actually merge a pull request once they approve the
change. Merging a pull request is a big responsibility and an investment in
the long-term, because the committer is expected to fix regressions and issues
related to this change for next months, if not next years.

Note: Cheryl Sabella has also been identified as an active contributor who may
be promoted as well. I am already discussing with her about that for 1 month,
but last month, Cheryl chose to wait. I will keep you in touch ;-)

Vote results.

Promote (+1): 8 votes

* Victor Stinner
* Terry Reedy
* Carol Willing
* Gregory P. Smith ("+0.5")
* Eric Snow
* Brett Cannon
* Nathaniel Smith
* Antoine Pitrou ("+0.5")

Wait (-1): 1 vote

* Berker Peksağ

Neutral (0): 1 vote

* Serhiy Storchaka ("-0")


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