[python-committers] FINAL WEEK FOR 3.7.0 CHANGES!

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Thu May 24 11:35:44 EDT 2018

24.05.18 10:23, Ned Deily пише:
> So this *is* really your last chance: if you know of any true releasing
> blocking issues for 3.7.0, you have about 12 more hours to log it in
> the bug tracker as a "release blocker". I'll send out an email once we
> start the release manufacturing. Any merges to the 3.7 branch after
> that will be released in 3.7.1 which we tentatively are planning to
> ship sometime before the end of July (< 2018-07-31). If you do find a
> critical problem in 3.7.0rc1 that you think needs to be fixed in 3.7.0,
> please merge a fix into 3.7 (and other appropriate branches), leave the
> issue open and marked as "release blocker", and add a note why you
> think the fix needs to be cherry-picked into 3.7.0.

I have doubts about two issues. I feel the responsibility for them 
because I had the opportunity to solve them before, but I lost it.

1. Changes in the AST. Few third-party projects was broken by it and 
already are fixed. I suppose yet few projects will be changed after 3.7 
be released. It is interesting that IPython was broken in different way 
than other projects. It was needed to reintroduce the docstring in the 
list of statements, effectively reverting the 3.7 change. IPython allows 
to enter several statements at prompt, and therefore it compiles them 
with the 'exec' mode instead of 'single' as the CPython REPL and IDLE 
shell. Currently CPython doesn't allow you to paste arbitrary script 
like the following:

if a:
if c:

You need to add an empty line between top-level complex statements. If 
one time CPython will add support of pasting several statements without 
empty lines between, it might need to add the same hack as IPython. I 
afraid that we might be needed to change AST again, in 3.7.1 or in 3.8.0.

2. Pickle support in typing is not perfect. I was going to fix it (I had 
almost ready code), but lost a chance of doing this before. It can be 
changed in 3.7.1, but this means that pickles of some derived typing 
types created in 3.7.0 will be not compatible with future versions (may 
be 3.7.1 will not break compatibility, but it will be broken in future 
because we will not specially supported compatibility with 3.7.0).

There is third issue, related to NetBSD, but it is less important.

I think two weeks will be enough for fixing these issues, but not at rc1 
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