[python-committers] Automerge bot deployed

Mariatta Wijaya mariatta.wijaya at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:48:05 EDT 2018

I've deployed the bot to automerge CPython pull request on the master

One benefit of this is you don't need to worry about replacing "#" into

To get the bot to automerge:
- first edit the PR title and description, to be the commit message you
want to use.
- approve the PR (so it will have "awaiting merge" label)
- apply the "🤖 automerge" label.

It will wait for ALL status checks to pass, and merge the PR, replacing `#`
with `GH-`

I've made a demo video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/p85YtKKLNno

See also previous discussions in

The previous way of merging PR still works. If you prefer merging the PR
yourself,  just don't apply the "🤖 automerge" label.

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