[python-committers] New core developers

Serhiy Storchaka storchaka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 02:46:09 EST 2019

What do you think about making Zackery Spytz, Andre Delfino and Alexey 
Izbyshev core developers?

Zackery Spytz contributed a lot of bugfixes, mostly for reference leaks 
and possible crashes. Some of them are trivial (but hard to discover), 
others are nontrivial, but all are qualified.


Andre Delfino contributed an enormous number of docfixes.


Alexey Izbyshev is not so active as the above two monsters, but his code 
and comments on the bug tracker look qualified.


Could anybody please ask them whether they want to be core developers? I 
afraid that I may not have time for this, and in any case my English is 
not good. You have my voice for all of them. I think they could be core 
developers months ago, but I waited for the end of the Steering Council 

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