[python-committers] Proposed dates for Python 3.4.10 and Python 3.5.7

Larry Hastings larry at hastings.org
Wed Feb 27 20:52:03 EST 2019

My thanks to Miro and (especially!) Victor for quickly putting together 
those lovely PRs.  I've now merged everything outstanding for 3.4 and 
3.5 except this:


It's a backport of LibreSSL 2.7.0 support for 3.5.  This is something I 
believe Christian Heimes wanted.  As it stands, the issue needs a 
reviewer; I've contacted Christian but received no reply.  I'm happy to 
merge the PR as long as some security-aware core dev approves it.

FWIW, there doesn't appear to be a backport of this patch for 3.4.  I 
don't know if 3.4 should get this backport or not, and there's no 
discussion of 3.4 on the bpo issue:


Anyway, I'm hoping either to merge or reject this PR before Saturday, so 
there's no huge rush.  Still I'd appreciate it if someone could at least 
tag themselves as a reviewer in the next day or so.

Putting 3.4 to bed,


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