[PYTHON-CRYPTO] CryptKit 0.9 released

Bryan bryan at EEVOLVED.COM
Sun Dec 2 16:30:22 CET 2001

This is a release notification for the CryptKit Project:


CryptKit is a developer's toolkit implementing several of the most modern and
efficient cryptographic algorithms. The kit is primarily written in ANSI C
for speed and subsequently wrapped with SWIG for ease of use in python. The
goal of this kit is twofold:

- Efficiency and size.

 The kit is considerate of developer constraints on size and speed of
applications. That is why CryptKit implements only the most efficient
algorithms ( AES, ECC, DH, NR ) while maintaining small library size ( around
100KB compared to 2.1 MB for openSSL 0.9.6 ).

- Ease of use.

The kit aims to free programmers from having to understand the underlying
cryptographic concepts that guarantee security. Instead, the structure is
organized in a modular fashion, with wrapper classes that provide all the
functionality. Ample documentation provides examples of class usage.

CryptKit implements the following algorithms: Rijndael (AES), SHA 256 bits,
Elliptic Curve PKI, Diffie-Hellman key exchange and Nyberg-Ruppel
signature/verification. These modules are combined to provide a faster,
lighter and easier to use secure socket alternative to SSL. CryptKit is not
compatible with SSL. Whereas SSL aims to support a wide variety of algorithms
that essentially perform the same task ( like DES/RC4/RC2 or MD5/SHA ),
CryptKit takes the minimalist approach of implementing only one version of
each crypto primitve. Great care went into selecting the best of what was

I am currently examining Authenticated Key Exchange Schemes and am intending
to implement AMP ( http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/kwon00authentication.html ).
Any input is appreciated.
Bryan Mongeau
eEvolved Real-Time Technologies Inc.
Website: http://www.eevolved.com
Public key: http://pgp.mit.edu

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