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Dan Stromberg strombrg at NIS.ACS.UCI.EDU
Thu Dec 6 20:34:57 CET 2001

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 09:50:29AM -0800, Dan Stromberg wrote:
> Is this list for discussion of python cryptography in general, or "just"
> one particular crypto module for python?
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> Dan Stromberg                                               UCI/NACS/DCS

I received an off-list reply indicating this was an ok forum for
whatever python crypto.

I recently sent this to comp.lang.python:

I've placed a Diffie-Helman module in pure python at
ftp://autoinst.acs.uci.edu/pub/python/dh .

Comments on how to improve it are desired.  I am NOT a cryptographer,
so it may be worse than useless.

Also included is a buffered socket implementation to prevent
uncommon-but-possible short reads from being a problem in your code.
Comments on this too are desired.

A coworker has written an ssh wrapper module.  Is anyone interested in
seeing it?  I could dig up permission from him to release it I think,
and I'd personally kind of like seeing it get some peer review.

I'll add that I've put a seed.py module at
ftp://autoinst.acs.uci.edu/pub/python/seed.  It tries to get a decent
seed for a RNG first from /dev/random, than from /dev/urandom, then from
prngd, then finally falling back on the time+pid if all else has failed.

The D-H module does not yet use this seed.py module, so the seeding is
not good in the D-H module yet.

We use seed.py in production, but not the D-H module.

Dan Stromberg                                               UCI/NACS/DCS
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