[PYTHON-CRYPTO] PEP-272 (API for Secret-Key Encryption Algorithms)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at LEMBURG.COM
Fri Dec 14 00:08:19 CET 2001

Andy Dustman wrote:
> Here's a sticky bit for PEP-272: There is at least one cipher out there
> (IDEA) which uses a different key schedule for decryption than it does
> for encryption.
> If new() sets up the key schedule, then it will need a keyword argument
> (decrypt=1) so it can know how to build the key schedule. But then, both
> encrypt() and decrypt() cannot work on the same instance; only the
> method for which the key schedule is set up for will work properly, and
> the other will return undefined trash. OTOH, it may be worthwhile, in
> cases like these, to retain the knowledge of which key schedule was
> created, and if the wrong method is called, raise an exception.
> As an alternative, the key schedule set up could be delayed until the
> first encrypt() or decrypt(), which means storing the key in the cipher
> instance and recognizing that key set up has not been done on the first
> method call.
> Should we have a general API rule that only encrypt() or decrypt() may
> be called on a cipher instance, and if the other is called then a) you
> get an exception or b) undefined results?

I'd say b) since this depends on the cipher in question, i.e.
some ciphers may allow mixing the two while other give undefined

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