[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Okay, I'll break the ice... :)

Bryan Mongeau bryan at EEVOLVED.COM
Wed Feb 7 21:04:12 CET 2001

Wow, a fresh list. I love it. :)

This post will probably be read only by Michael and I but oh well...

Having a crypto-SIG would do wonders for python's acceptance. In the same way
that the dbAPI-SIG suddenly made persistent python objects readily available
to even the lay programmer, powerful crypto routines should be wieldable by
everyone like this:

>>> from crypto import aes

>>> encryptor = aes( "key string")  # Can be hashed or not? Easier for laymen?

>>> encryptedText = encryptor.encrypt( "uncrackable plaintext")

>>> print encryptedText

À :£„rسèO>ñ £9øÀ :£„rسèO>ñ £9ø

>>> encryptor.decrypt(encryptedText)
'uncrackable plaintext'

>>> encryptor.setKey("A different key string")

>>> encryptor.decrypt(encryptedText)

Same goes for public key operations, but with the added methods of "sign" and

I think the most important thing is to hide implementation details as much as
possible.  If we can make the crypto sig as easy to use as shelve, then we
have it made. :)

I also don't think we should waste our time with the older algorithms, except
in the case of maintaining compatibility with industry standards like SSL.
AES and ECC are here now and we shouldn't implement anything less.  Alright
and maybe RSA for those folks that still are sceptical of ECC. :)

BTW my contribution to this community is at


SHA256, ECC in GF^233, AES and a cool PRNG.

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