[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Hashing modules

Dan Parisien dan at eevolved.com
Mon Feb 12 07:55:38 CET 2001

On Domingo 11 Fevereiro 2001 20:57, you wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2001 at 11:56:13AM -0500, Dan Parisien wrote:
> >from sha import sha
> >s = sha.new("some random text").digest()
> Typo here: the first line would be just "import sha"; new() is a function
> in the module 'sha', not a class method.
> --amk

I was trying to show that I think a 'new' method is superfluous. I don't know
why you didn't make it a class instantiation.
Maybe it has something to do with message digest algorithms that I don't
know. Is there some central shared information to all msg digests?


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