[PYTHON-CRYPTO] not pseudo code anymore!

Bryan Mongeau bryan at EEVOLVED.COM
Tue Feb 13 06:38:31 CET 2001

On Monday 12 February 2001 23:43, you wrote:
> I took Dan's pseudo code and turned it into python code.  Let me know what
> I did wrong and what should be changed.  Sometime tomorrow I'll also write
> up the goals and post it on the same site.

Excellent initiative! Looks tight + nice doc strings! :)

Only two small issues got caught in my brain sieve, pertaining to

1 - __init__,encrypt and decrypt all accept an "_algorithm" parameter. This
is somewhat confusing to me. If child classes inherit from AsymmetricBase,
aren't they necessarily implementing an algorithm? Would child classes always
set "_algorithm" to their algorithm? If so, isn't that redundant?

2- sign and verify. It would seems that these methods could actually use an
"_algorithm"  parameter due to the fact that signing and verification can be
conducted many ways using a given keypair. Examples: DSA, Nyberg-Ruppel and
Massy-Omura. Oh, and the verify docstring needs to be changed (copy/paste
from sign method? :)

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