[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Requirements

Dan Parisien dan at eevolved.com
Wed Feb 14 03:16:16 CET 2001

On Terça 13 Fevereiro 2001 21:08, you wrote:

> The point of this group is to make it easy to develop python apps that
> use crypto, right? We want those apps to run everywhere, without
> changes, regardless of whether the underlying host has hardware crypto,
> openssl, pure-python methods, or (most likely) some combination thereof.
> You might be able to hide find_alg inside an __init__.py, but I think
> pycrypto will need some localhost-config info to figure out which
> implementation modules to load.

Especially with hardware crypto implementations. How would you propose a
programmer use the find alg?

AESImplementations = crypto.find("AES")
for i in AESImplementations:
        if implementation(i) == crypto.Hardware:
                # use this

Obviously not, but maybe I would understand this more if I saw some pseudo
code using it...

> > The way to protect against this is to store the key in your mind
> > (password) and type it in everytime you want to access your keyring.
> > Rediculous, no?
> i gather you've never used pgp.

Oops. my bad.

> > If sharing keys in your keyring with non-python apps is important, shelve
> > is a bad solution for a keyring. The keyring solution should be simple
> > and portable. Maybe an XML doc?
> shelve might be perfectly fine as one keyring implementation.

So a keyring API standard should be written. (Obviously I have no experience
with keyrings, anyone else up to it?)


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