[PYTHON-CRYPTO] Interoperation with GnuPG

Andrew Archibald aarchiba at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 16 00:24:57 CET 2001


I am trying to write a cryptographic application that uses GnuPG keys for
signatures.  Is there a portable way to access the GnuPG keyring and do
signing, verification, and key import/export?

I have a bletcherous UN*X-specific version that works by running GnuPG (not
cmpatible with any version of PGP, alas) as a subprocess.  I especially
dislike its passphrase handling (any advice on how to handle passphrases
and other secrets less-insecurely in a python program is welcome).  If
people are interested I can post it.

Andrew Archibald

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